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life is a test and I get bad marks
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7th-Jan-2007 05:19 pm - 37 Multi-Fandom Icons
1-16: Veronica Mars
17-19: House
20-25: Gilmore Girls
26-27: Pride and Prejudice
28: Marie Antoinette
29: Lost
30-32: Alias
33-37: Bones


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28th-Aug-2006 12:12 am - 3 New Pieces
There are 3 new pieces. Two of which are for a CD Battle at AD versus Megs. The other is just a piece that I've been wanting to make for a few days

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There's quite a large group of icons, 4 Gilmore Girls, 24 Veronica Mars, 20 Marie Antoinette, and 7 Alias

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27th-May-2006 11:58 pm - 100 Pride & Prejudice Icons
100 Pride and Prejudice Icons. Made for Archives100

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27th-Aug-2020 08:55 pm - Coming Soon
Welcome to Gutterapple. Jaimie's new icon and art journal. Couture_Gloss is no more.

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